🔥 Identify reply (react) on broadcast & origin

Good team, developers, user,

would there be a way to identify a replay on a broadcast message, since such would appear as message in an individual chat, sometimes difficult to get the context, even dangerous, when thinking replay to last individual message.

Again, my person also encourages to always quote source as a matter of not only copyright, but honesty and truth. Stripping away source means denying being given, gratitude and is simply thief.

To draw a sample:
2 chats

  • Chat A: General X & General Y
  • Broadcast: by X where Y is incl.

Chat A:
General X (1 month ago): … in that case, should we invade?

General X (today): …so we should not do such in any case. Or.

(General Y replays on Broadcast send message, appearing in Chat A)

Chat A:
General Y: Yes!

It’s really not only a matter of moral but also a matter of preventing mistakes by technical short-commings.

Messages should always carry the origin (author, chat)!

Maybe “simple” add the name of the broadcast (as “Subject”) to mail. If thinking right: if one replays, it would create a new chat (group) instead of comming to the contact, or at least identified when looking for “read more”, right?

Broadcast works currently more like personal “mass-mail”, with the additional dangers told before, as total out of context everywhere.

If it would even develop as a new group on replay, it could be fine uses for new subjects to work on.

I think the term you mean is “reply”, “replay” means something similar to repeat.

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