If you resent email phone verification or email does not support imap smtp

More and more email providers require phone number or
another method of verification in order to get an email account. If
you are a person resenting such requirements, then your
options about getting a delta chat compatible email account has
some limitations.
Delta chat cannot remove email providers’ verification
requirements. Maybe this forum could compile a list of email
providers? The list would tell which providers require which verification or
non at all. I have searched for such a email provider list. With no
convincing result.

All you need is a standard e-mail account

The phrasing is inaccurate. To my knowledge delta chat requires both
imap and smtp. A free yahoo.com email account does
not support imap and smtp.

Standard email accounts support IMAP and SMTP (and their secure variants).

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There is https://providers.delta.chat/ which is a list, not exhaustive, that indicates the compatibility of delta chat with different providers and how to configure them. Regarding the indication of providers that do not require further verification, I don’t think it is the task of delta chat to report them, possibly you could add it to the information in the previous link, but I don’t think it is a priority, in the end delta chat works regardless of the provider you choose as long as it is compatible and the choice of provider is the user’s responsibility.

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Standard email accounts support IMAP and SMTP

you can make that definition. I would want to know how
many people would perceive free yahoo email a
standard email account? If many do then no matter
your definition, a yahoo email user will deem deltat chat
broken because he cannot get it to work. Instead the delta chat
website should highlight, that imap smtp is required.

the list you are linking to is for the large part what I
was suggesting. I would want a column telling
which verification requirements a given email provider has.

I don’t think it is the task of delta chat to report them

That is an opinion you can have. My point of view is, that more people
utilizing zero knowledge is better. And software like delta chat should
be of assistance on the matter. Let us say, a person gets aware
of delta chat. And wants to utilize the software because of the
encryption. It turns out, his email provider does not support imap smtp.
Then directing him to delta chat compatible email provider options
would lower the bar for that person to get to utilizing delta chat.

Hi gggvv,
your wrong about Yahoo. I’ve successfully set up Delta Chat with my free Yahoo e-mail account, and it works like a charm.
Delta Chat was very helpful and reminded me to create an app password for Delta Chat. The difficult part was to find out that that the app-password has to be created, not from the e-mail settings menu, but from the settings menu for your account.
I created the app-password, entered it and my e-mail address in Delta Chat - and it just works! My only complaint is that Yahoo is a bit slow sending e-mails (up to 5 minutes delay).
BTW a few e-mail providers does in fact support IMAP and SMTP only for paying customers, free accounts are limited to web mail. This used to apply to Fastmail in the past, but nowadays they haven’t got any free accounts.

wrong about Yahoo.

if you say, that the app psswrd makes free yahoo.com email
account work in delta chat, then you are right. Have
you tested the app psswrd option on both x86 and phones?

a few e-mail providers

I mentioned free yahoo.com email as an example. You
are saying there are only a few email providers who
do not support smtp imap or the app psswrd

I have a free yahoo.com email account. If on webmail I
enter username and psswrd I get access to the

In delta chat I added the free yahoo.com email
as an account. Utilizing the app psswrd option. In delta chat there are not other email accounts
added. The following message displays on delta chat.
could not fetch from folder imap could not fetch io inner stream closed. Suggesting that delta chat is not able to access the free
yahoo.com email account.

Have you tried to see if in the advanced settings of the account configuration the name and the ports of the imap and smtp servers are correctly set as reported here: provider-db/yahoo.md at master · deltachat/provider-db · GitHub

Yes, I’ve tested my free yahoo account on both an Android phone (installed from Google Play Store) and on a Windows computer (the Microsoft Store version). Both work as a charm with Yahoo mail.

I didn’t have to enter anything but e-mail address and app-password. I didn’t fiddle with any server settings.

My experience of free e-mail providers is limited. The Fastmail example is the only one I remember right now that didn’t support anything else but webmail.