I'm unable to login to Delta.Chat

Hello, When I attempt to log-into Delta Chat I receive this error message:
Cannot login as “**********@gmail.com”. Please check if the e-mail address and the password are correct. no response: code: None, info: Some("[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure)")
Any and all help with is issue is appreciated in advance.

My system is a windows 10 pro based laptop using gmail as the e-mail provider.

Hello :wave:,
with Gmail it is necessary to activate two-factor authentication and to create an app password.
This password must then be entered in DC. Unfortunately, the normal password does not work.

Thank you for the response, sounds a bit complicated,will using outlook present the same issue?

As far as I know Outlook does not require 2 factor authentication.
However, authentication in Gmail is not complicated.
Simply activate it in the settings and follow the instructions.

Again thank you for your help I will go the gmail route.

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here is the help for using Gmail with 3rd party email clients: