IMAP other error

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

I want DC to work with my provider (

Actual behavior

DC don’t work on different environment (Android, Linux Mint deb package). I can log in (DC detect config from my french provider but DC seems to not detect message sent. If i configure the same client with an infomaniak ( account, it works well.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. install DC
  2. connect with account
  3. message are not detected

Screen snapshots

Debug logs
2023-01-03T21:00:39.499Z core/event WARNING “” 1 “src/ Could not select DeltaChat: IMAP other error: io: inner stream closed”

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Thanks for reporting! We have a way to reproduce it and are working on a fix at Improve error handling of existing messages fetch and never retry by link2xt · Pull Request #3913 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

This is a regression in the latest release.

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Hi, Thanks for your quick answer. If i can help to test a version, i am available.

EDIT: effectively, i don’t have this bug with DeltaChat Desktop v1.34.0…



The latest nightly at Index of /android/nightly/2023-01-04/ does not get stuck in the loop due to this bug and should be able to receive messages.

Thank you. The APK (841c1d7f-fat-debug-1.34.8.apk) works on my phone.

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