Import backup only at new install - no "import" menu item in settings?

DC v0.200.0

Did a backup and wanted to re-import that again but found no menu
settings->advanced->import backup.

Only after new installation there is an import function visible.

Was that changed in the past? Older versions of DC had a separate menu entry for export and import of backup file.


That was never a real option - That button only showed a message that you could reinstall the app to do it.

thanks to @r10s for the screenshot

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In my version I only see menu item “Backup”.
If I push that (german version) I see only a text which describes export. No hint for import at all.

This is the issue I was faced to.

Maybe this is fixed in newer versions than 0.200.

Earlier versions showed two menues: Import Backup and Export Backup!

I mean that menu from older versions - Import Backup shows the message


maybe You don’t know (much :wink: ) older versions like 0.20.0. There the import backup function really does the job!

I find it complicated (and some what confusing) to first deinstall, then install, then import.

In my case I needed to export the backup to make some tweaks into the database at PC.
In that situation was strange to me to first deinstall the app to import again.
Even for normal users I think it’s strange to deinstall the app to import a backup. In standard case You’re only doing a roll back of the data with that function.

Maybe there is a techincal reason (?) for forcing that workflow!
I mean deinstall the app deletes all data of the app, but on the other hand this could be reached by a proper delete function too.

I think old workflow was more self explaining than now.

And what If you only want to import and don’t have an apk or other install source?
Then import backup is impossible now any more!

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You’re right I didn’t use the old “telegram” based client in such depth that I know all features may had…

@r10s told me that It was/is to much work for now to do the import backup option because of the many cases it needs to support like when you try to import a backup for another account for example.

And what If you only want to import and don’t have an apk or other install source?

There are many apps that can extract installed apks like Apk Extractor, but your right thats probably to complicated for the normal user.

You should open a feature request for it.

Don’t understand this argumentation because at import simply the database and the blob files are replaced by the backup ones and then the imported database is opened (with all configurations and with all consequences).
You can say: All is overwritten.

This cannot be the reason for that argumentation. Telegram version did it. And that was not an issue of the UI !

I think only the menu option has to be created again. In general that’s it.

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I also think there should be an option to restore(import) an account in Delta Chat easily

Hi @adbenitez @Simon,

look at new github/deltachat-android #957 issue. There is a new proposal from r10s.

well that is just related to the place the option will live, probably not relevant to what we are talking here…
BTW to save readers some time, this is the link of #957:

Yes, You’re right.

Maybe some settings are saved somewhere but main data is in database and blobs.
All this is saved there.

IMHO regardless what other messengers are doing. we should have a serious location into the menu where to present “general” import/export function. And I see the current function as a general one. It’s not reladed to chat’s only!

A seperate submenu “data management” could be a good location for that.

We could provide here:

  • export backup
  • import backup
  • housekeeping (now only done befor export of backup)
  • the new functions to delete all mails from server

IMHO older DC versions have been more clear with menu logic.


Are there any people here for their feedback?

I think furthermore we should have a data management menu which should include some important features like import/export/housekeeping.
In general all functions are still available, but not accessable by user.
The only problem is to wait for the rust-core to be stable and include all this funcs.

In the moment I only wants to mention some important features which needs to be implemented for common stable use of DC:

  1. use starring of messages (DC core is able to support this) Starred messages should not be deleted.
  2. add max number of messages per chat (don’t know it this is impmlemented)
  3. add function to delete messages which are > than 2.
  4. use backup file format to be imported at “cheap” memory devices.
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