Import backup to iOS

to import a backup on an iPhone:

  • install Delta Chat on the iPhone
  • connect the iPhone to a Mac computer
  • open the Finder on the Mac
  • navigate in the Finder to your iPhone on the left
  • then select “Files” at the top
  • drag’n’drop the backup .tar file to “Delta Chat”

once done, you can disconnect the iPhone from the Mac.

on the iPhone:

  • open Delta Chat
  • select “Log in to your server” on the welcome page
  • tap “Import backup”
  • the backup imported from above should appear, tap “Ok” then.

that’s all :wink:

note: on older Mac’s (before 10.15 Catalina), you have to use iTunes instead of the Finder, the rest is more or less identical.

For a way on Linux:

Make sure you have the following programs installed:

Then open nautilus and the your device will appear on the side panel a bit like in the mac os screenshot above. When clicking on it you will see folders for each app. open the folder for DeltaChat and copy the backup file there.

Note: Exporting to this location from deltachat desktop does not work, in this case you need to save the backup somewhere else and then copy it to the iDevice (iphone/ipad).

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It should be possible to use the iOS Files app to copy the backup file from somewhere else to the “Delta Chat” directory on the iOS device.

Somewhere else e.g. could be a SMB/CIFS file share. With additional apps you may access other network shares in the Files app, e.g. with the app “Secure ShellFish” installed you can access SFTP shares.
Or download from a HTTP server or mail it to yourself or…