Import E-Mails into Delta


I installed DeltaChat and I am a huge fan.
But somehow I cannot manage to import/show my email history. I can just see the emails I sent an received with DC.
Could someone help me?

Kind regards,

Hello :wave:,
if I remember correctly you could do this in DC-iOS earlier by enabling “Show Classic Emails” in Settings. Probably not anymore. Just tested it with another account.
I don’t know if this is intentional or a bug.

There is a config value for that, but it is not user accessible at this time (had shown some problems). The Show Classic Emails setting is required too if you want to see normal emails and not only chat emails.

I made a rule to forward every mail to DeltaChat folder. Now it kind of “works”

But my collegues have the problem, that they are not receiving the answer in the thread. They get a “new” mail every time I answer on a thread.

what happens when you use the reply feature in deltachat?
also what email clients are they using?