Import PGP keys

Hello, someone knows if they can implement a function to import PGP keys

Have you read this:

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Do you know if there is a Start Autocrypt Setup Transfer option in k9 mail client? I can’t find it.

No,I’m not using OpenKeyChain, I’m sorry. But maybe there is an option for this in the OpenKeyChain app? (just guessing :frowning_face:)

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The thing is that when you export your private key from deltachat it is encrypted, but wen you want to import a new key, deltachat expects a non encrypted private key… Is there a reason for that?

Exporting your private key works through the “Autocrypt Setup Message” (ASM) and interoperates with other Autocrypt-capable mail programs. The ASM is always encrypted. The “import pgp key” functionality is unrelated to ASMs and currently only supports passphrase-less keys. See also

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Thanks for answering :slight_smile:
The use-case I did was

*export private key from delta chat to import it to openkeychain in order to be able to read the encrypted email chats in k-9 Mail client. It worked just fine.

Then, next logical step is to export my old private key from openkeychain and import it to delta chat in order to be able to read the encrypted emails.

That would be grate, to do it that way. I think deltachat + openkeychain + k-9 is a good combo for android devices.

To have a non encrypted private key in the Downloads dir is not a nice thing, I guess. Other app could have access to it.

Don’t you think? Isn’t it?