Importing GnuPG keys fails

My procedure to create unprotected GnuPG key files was:

  1. create option file “gpg-create-keyPair-without-passphrase.txt” with following lines

    Key-Type: DSA
    Key-Length: 1024
    Subkey-Type: ELG-E
    Subkey-Length: 1024
    Name-Real: Vorname Nachname
    Name-Comment: with no passphrase
    Name-Email: VornameNachname@mail.domain
    Expire-Date: 0

  2. Generate GnuPGP key pair

    gpg.exe --batch --generate-key <gpg-create-keyPair-without-passphrase.txt

  3. Export private and public key to some folder to be used to import into DeltaChat:

    gpg --armor --export VornameNachname@mail.domain >\DeltaChat\publicKey.asc
    gpg --armor --export-secret-key VornameNachname@mail.domain>\DeltaChat\privateKey.asc

Why key import in DeltaChat failing from folder \DeltaChat ?
Do I need to change something in my “gpg-create-keyPair-without-passphrase.txt” to create compatible keys?