In-app help / FAQ

The new in-app help is really nice, I do miss a little more precise and helping information though.

For example, it contains text entries about disabling inbox watching or chat-folder watching. But unfortunately it’s not structured according to nor explaining which of the problem(s) may be solved with it. And it’s not describing the solution that you actually propose in sufficient detail, for advanced users to configure it properly.

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It is just an offline snapshot of the websites help page
So you can contribute if you want.

I believe you will better solve (i.e. dispense) the more complicated FAQ items with an improved default mode and a high level config option, instead of hinting at or trying to explain a bunch of workarounds.

Who should be allowed to contact you directly in Delta Chat? :

   o Nobody (only manually started chats)
   o Known contacts (address book and email-approved)
   o Everybody (beware of spam)