Installation unreasonally fails on Android

This is an issue not directly related to Delta Chat, but rather Android ecosystem.
The issue is simply Delta Chat can not be installed, but neither Play Store nor F-Droid gives meaningful error message. Play Store simply shows spinning progress indicator, then reset the state back to uninstalled. F-Droid downloads, then progressing with install, then shows the message “not installed”. Copying the apk from an other device also resulted in the “not installed” message.
I’m wondering if anyone met this issue before.


default provided by Play Store

Expected behavior

app is installed

Actual behavior

installer app shows progress of installation but fails silently at the end, or shows simple “could not install” message.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. go to Play Store or F-Droid (both tried)
  2. find Delta Chat
  3. hit install


(access to device internal state is limited by the vendor)

Doesn’t “adb logcat” show anything? It should be accessible even if device is locked by vendor.

it’s an acquaintance’s device who does not touch developer features, but i’ll try to get logs from him.

By the way, APKs can be downloaded directly from Index of /android/
gplay-release are the same as uploaded to Google Play.

it lastly turned out that there was prosely not enough disk space. weird why the system could not tell this straight…
thanks the help anyways :slight_smile:

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