Installing stickers and animated stickers packs in Delta Chat Desktop

WARNING: I tested this in Delta Chat 1.14.1, it might not work in recent versions. Only PNG images are allowed by the sticker picker so the tool renames .webp images to .png to trick the picker, in the next version of Delta Chat there will be support for .webp stickers and this issue will be solved.

Hello, I have created a tool to install sticker packs in your Delta Chat desktop application.

To install it just run (probably with sudo or use the --user option):

pip3 install -U pip wheel   # to avoid issues in Debian Stable, or other outdated setups
pip3 install dcstickers

Then browse and select the sticker pack you would like to install, then pass the pack URL to the tool in the command line:

dcstickers ""

Source code + additional help:

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