Instructions for desktop app install


Hi there! I’m trying to set up the desktop client on my mac. I currently have 1.7.5-preview installed and it brings me to the login page as expected. I’m using a gmail account, so I made an app password for it but it doesn’t work (I get this error: Could not connect to IMAP-server using SSL. (Error #43) (code = 0)). Figured it would be a similar setup to the Android app.

Am I missing something here? Is there a good resource for installation instructions for the desktop app?

Appreciate any help. Thanks!


SSL problems on Mac is a known issue. Currently we don’t have a solution for this since no one is actively working on that platform. It’s basically an issue of priority + lack of resources. But we’ll get there!


Ah thanks for the reply! No problem then, just wanted to try it out if I could :slight_smile:

Super excited about Delta Chat as a whole. You and the other contributors are doing great work!