Introduce two different modes how to deal with messages

Expected behavior

  • Delta Chat mode is for users who do not use another “classic” client. When activated, the “DeltaChat” folder is created and used exclusively. “Watch Sent folder” is not available.
  • Classic mode is for users who use at least one more “classic” client. When activated, “Watch Sent folder” is available and enabled. “Automatic moves to DeltaChat folder” is available but disabled. Sent messages are stored in the Sent folder of the mail account that is in use.

There are many reasons why users have different mail clients in use. If this applies, Delta Chat should behave like other mail clients, too, when it is about storing messages.

Actual behavior

The current situation - messages not stored in the Sent folder when using Delta Chat as a “classic client” - is neither fish nor fowl. It is even worse, because sent messages are currently not stored on the mail server at all when “All” is enabled. The only place where such messages are stored in such cases is the respective client device, so another mail client on another machine can never see them.

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I don’t think this modes will fit everyone for example, I want to use DC as my only email app, but I don’t want for any reason DC uploading messages twice to the server (one sending with SMTP and another one IMAP uploading to Sent folder) I think adding a server side rule to move to the Sent folder is better option, otherwise the app will be slower, not clear to me why to upload a chat to the Sent folder instead of using the DeltaChat folder for chats, your sent folder will be a mess, and in any case it is easier to read the threads grouped by conversations with your replies included, but only my opinion :slight_smile:

You are right, I forgot to explain that the behavior in Delta Chat mode should be like this, not uploading messages twice. “Classic” mode should offer another way, like the classic mailers do.

The reason behind introducing “Classic” is that currently messages sent with Delta Chat are not stored in the Sent folder on the mail server. This is a problem when someone owns more than one device (e.g. a notebook and a smartphone), and wants to use a classic mailer (e.g. Thunderbird) on the other machine. I would expect all sent messages to be accessible with both clients, regardless on which machine they are installed.