iOS to macOS backup problem

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

I did an iOS backup export ant tried to load it into the desktop.
This works and I see all the messages from iOS.
When delta chat reads the .bak file, it should work normally
with the email settings from iOS.

Actual behavior

The email account settings are wrong.
There is some default setting of the SMTP user that seems to fill in
the IMAP user name, which is wrong in my case:

I think the problem is simply that this default is used, although the
settings come from the working iOS installation, and there is no
way to enter “no user” by leaving the field blank, because that
wrong default is always applied.

You need an email account that has an IMAP user name, but no SMTP
user name. This is so at

Set up delta chat on iOS and export a backup. Restore that backup
on the desktop. You will see a red message that the connection failed.
You cannot fix that because there is no way to enter “no user” into SMTP
if you have one in IMAP.

Cheers & greetings to HPK :smiley:

hey christian :wink: i don’t understand – how can you get an SMTP connection to without a username? Is there no authentication at all? Would that not be an open relay?

Hallo Holgi :grinning:

Also ich bin nicht mehr ganz sicher.
Die settings in iOS waren so, dass nur der IMAP name gesetzt war, alles Andere war auf Automatik.

Aber das ist auch vollkommen wurscht: wenn
die iOS app ein backup erzeugt, muss macOS
das original wieder einlesen und funktionieren.
Aber es ändert sich etwas und das ist falsch.

Der eigentliche Fehler den ich melden wollte
sind kaputte modifizierte Emoticons, aber dieser Fehler ist zur Zeit der Killer.

Viele Grüße - Chris

Hi again,

I think I have configured SSL for SMTP without user.