iOS vs Desktop/Android feature parity: Allow to create URLs for your profile clients’ profile sharing functionality differs between iOS and other platforms (Desktop/Android):

  • iOS: The QR tab has “Share” and “Copy to Clipboard” options visible in a menu. Both generate an URL to<some kind of user hash> for easy sharing whether someone has a client installed or not.
  • Android: The QR code tab provides “Share” as a button, and “Copy to Clipboard” hidden in the menu. Both options copy some form of an OpenPGP key.
    It is possible to copy it in on the front-page of, but the person must know of the site first.
  • Desktop client: The QR code page is hidden in the sidebar, next to the button for displaying bookmarked messages. There is only one option - “Copy”, which copies the same plaintext OpenPGP key as in the case of Android.

Expected behavior

  • All platforms function the same, either by generating a direct link to with the address parameter pre-filled in the same manner as in iOS, leading directly to a “Say hello to ” webpage, or
  • Have a separate “Copy profile URL” and “Copy QR code” options available in the toolbar/menu, each fulfilling their responsive role

android and desktop do this too, but thy are not released yet, you either got the new DC iOS version early or you are probably using the beta version on TestFlight.

the new versions for Android and desktop should be released in this week or next week.

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Oh, that must be true, thank you. I run 1.43.1 from TestFlight on iOS and I must’ve misinterpreted the “share QR codes” message from the changelog as being about something different.