Is anyone actually using Delta Chat with more than one account?

Unfortunately the current Switch account feature does not really make Delta Chat multi-account capable, because although you can switch between several accounts, only the active account receives notifications, which makes this pretty much unusable.

My idea would have been to use three different accounts, a personal one, one for business and an anonymous one, but that’s just impractical when having to switch through the accounts to check for new messages.

If using more than one account, how do you manage this?

As far as I know multi-account notifications are on the way. I currently use two different accounts on my phone using one on the stable version of delta chat and one on the nightly version.

If your phone supports the work profile you can install another version of delta chat on it, or you can install on your personal profile the stable version and both nightly versions (I know it’s not the optimal solution but at the moment it’s the only way I found to use multiple accounts)

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True multi-account is already in the core, but no client (except for experimental KDeltaChat, but it does not have notifications so it does not count) uses this API yet. The first official client to use it will probably be iOS, because it does not have “switch account” option yet.

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The current implementation is of no use to me, and I have no intention of installing more than one version of the app, so I’m going to revisit that idea once a proper multi-account / multi-identity feature has been implemented.