Is anyone else experiencing problems with version 1.40 in Android?

It’s crashing for me on start, no matter what I do. I have even cleared all data and cache to no avail.

Apparently there are some more people having the same issue → How to recover all chats after DC reinstallation?

I have a Moto G41, Android 12 and I’m using DC from F-Droid.

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There was a mess with the version compiled by F-Droid.
In the meantime that F-Droid recompiles the new version 1.40.1, you’d better downgrade.
If you have the back-up, better, otherwise you’ll have to download version 1.38.2.
and install it via adb:

adb install -r -d ‘Delta Chat 1.38.2.apk’

If you are Italian, you can join our group by sending the command:


To the bot




do I understand right, that this problem is already fixed and a new version will be available in F-Droid soon (when?).

Downgrading is unfortunately not possible, because F-Droid cancels installation with a “unknown error”…

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You can uninstall and reinstall the previous version. However you’ll need a backup of your keys to do that, or another session open in a different device so that you can import them using a QR.

But how to have a second device available when just being in vaccation? :wink:

And is it possible to get a functioning backup by just copying some files on the phone to a different folder?

@Lucas.Sichardt: I am not sure for plain Android but for LineageOS and the f-droid app it was no problem to uninstall DC 1.40.0, force DC stop in the settings and then reinstall 1.38.2. BUT MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR KEYS FROM ORIGINAL DC EXPORT FIRST!

Otherwise you might not be able to reinstall keys (even working ones) into DC as described in How to recover all chats after DC reinstallation?

That’s why I wanted the downgrade - to keep the data. Anf the downgrade does not work…

Old 1.38.2 .apk for this can be downloaded from (for arm64-v8a, most popular Android architecture), for other architectures check Delta Chat | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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I’m very angry and disappointed.
The 1.40 doesn’t work, the downgrade by f-droid doesn’t work.
If I remove and install the 1.38.2 I will lost all the msg… so what what should I do?

Same here, I guess we must wait for an update that will resolve the issue :confused:

Im also angry at f-droid for taking ages to update and don’t even disabling the download of the broken version. Their FAQ says up to 5 days would be normal for them, I personally think this time is way to long and not acceptable, especially when there is no quality check or not even a smoke test wether apps will start at all.

The only thing we can do is wait and maybe ask f-droid how we can help them to improve their process for the future.

The compilation took place tonight.
We are now waiting for the new version to be indexed.
@darhma of the Delta Chat Italia Group has requested a re-indexing and is waiting for a reply.

@Simon, do you know if it is feasible to set up our own repository on testrun?
I’ll try to ask nami, maybe it can be done and the idea would be to leave DC on F-Droid plus our own repo to have tested versions

One option to improve the situation in the future that was suggested is reproducible builds, but this is likely not easy with native Rust code.

Move letters from “deltachat” to “inbox”.

already made in past… the conversations will be showed in a cofusing way.

anyone knows when it will be available the new fixed version on fdroid?
many days have already passed!

Update is now available on f-droid