Is Delta Chat like Free Facebook?

I just found Delta Chat this morning. Before, I was using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal Private Messenger and Telegram.

When I chat with friends, especially from the Philippines and Africa, I CANNOT chat with them on Signal Private Messenger and Telegram if they run out of what they call, bundle, load or data. But, they can chat without bundle, load or data on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp; they call it, free Facebook.

My question is, can we also chat on Delta Chat if there’s no bundle, load or data?

That’s probably some exception their mobile carrier does.
Unless you provider does not count email (smtp/imap) transfer to your data usage, you’re out of luck.

So NO probably not.

Also facebook is not “free” - at facebook the user is the product so you pay with your data.

This behavior is a trick of Facebook to get people using there services. It’s against net-neutrality and monopolistic behavior.

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If I understood it correctly the thing described here is mobile data with everything blocked or put behind an usage meter besides facebook/whatsapp. Those apps from facebook are also using an internet connection - they don’t use old telephone protocols like SMS.

Deltachat also perfectly works over the slower & older mobile technology generations like 3G or probably even the ones with internet before that.
The thing here is that mobile companies charge for everything except facebook and whatsapp in this case.
So it’s not a technical problem, it’s a problem of missing government regulations (vote with you money probably doesn’t work so well in poor countries, otherwise users could just not buy the restricted data plan).

To focus more on trying to make charts possible to be public shared on wish is surely more required to become facebook-like, share a timeline, things, face and access if wished.

And help to register an email via telefon no. and “temporare emailserver” storing only till received brings maybe faster toward "real end-to-end, possibility to stay most possible server one self.

Send via what ever net is one thing, app to do and store, another.