Is there a web client for use with deltachat?

is there a web client for use with deltachat?
possible to develop one in reactjs / golang’s gopherjs?

1 app that does it all instead of android / ios etc

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There isn’t one because there is no DC server.
I’m not a developer but I think it should be possible to develop your own server that accesses the mailbox.

possible to develop one in either , flutter or just pure reactjs?

you will need delta chat core running natively somewhere, it’s possible to develop an UI in all kinds of different languages and frameworks using the jsonrpc api of dc-core via stdio or web socket or any other transport.

DeltaChat desktop is actually a react based web application running inside of a chromium browser / electron.

There is a experimental client project using and tauri: GitHub - deltachat/dc40: Experimental deltachat client

Also there is the abandoned OX-COI project, which is a flutter app on top of deltachat core: GitHub - coi-dev/ox-coi: OX COI Messenger - a Flutter app for the COI (Chat Over IMAP) standard

ok thx.

Why you need this? You have OS and there is DC app for it. Why web client - to have worse UI?