Is there support for Unified account for Multi-Account?

I’ve not tested anything out but I was wondering if there is such thing as a “single” or “unified” account instead of having to switch.

Maybe I setup 3 or 4 gmail accounts for example and I would just like to have a “global” account.

There is no such thing and it is not easy to do technically. Each account uses a separate database, so it is impossible to make a single database query to construct a single chatlist for all accounts.

However, all accounts are connected at the same time, so it should be possible to start showing notifications for “background” accounts and automatically switch to them when you click a notification. But it is unlikely that multiple accounts will be displayed on the same screen soon.


In my opinion, multi-account notifications should be one of the priorities and I hope it won’t be too long before we see them implemented. Multi-account notifications together with unread message indications in the menu to switch account would make delta chat usable on a daily basis in multi-account mode and all in all it could be superfluous the need to have a single screen to display all accounts at the same time.


Unread message indicators are already implemented by @adbenitez and merged in: improve the account selector dialog by adbenitez · Pull Request #2077 · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub


Yes I saw that in the nightly is implemented the indication of unread messages and for this reason I hope that soon will be implemented multi-account notifications. This way delta chat could really be used in multi-account mode without any problems.

Maybe one thing you could think about would be that when you have multiple accounts and you open delta chat not through a notification you would see the menu to switch accounts, in this way you would immediately be able to select the account you want to use and you would also see if there are unread messages in the various accounts.

For example I use a “personal” account to communicate with family and friends, and a “public” one for groups (for example the Italian testing one for DC), and bots (especially for rss feeds) and often especially for bots I dismiss the notification because I can not read them immediately and it would be convenient to have an overview of unread messages when you open DC without having to open the menu to switch account.