Issue on login and connectivity

I am testing DeltaChat on my iPhone (iOS 16.2).
After input login and password, I saw a popup which I attached the screenshot

It seems frozen to 85%, and I don’t know why.

If I go into Settings->Connectivity, I see Connecting… from which I understand that the app didn’t connect yet.
Indeed, if I tap on Connectivity, I see as the screenshot below

Is there anyone who can explain this issue to me?

Hello :wave:,
I had the same problem.
It turned out that the server data for IMAP and SMTP were partially incorrect.
Maybe that’s the case for you too.

Thank you for the quick reply.
That is not the case because I have DeltaChat on my mac, and it works: the account email is the same.
I don’t know. I’ll try again later.

If you already have it on another device, I recommend exporting a backup from there and import it into the iOS app.

I don’t see any “import backup” features.
In Settings, I see only “Advanced” with the following voices:

  • Export Secret Keys;
  • Import Secret Keys;
  • Experimental Features;
  • View Log.

Hi @nicfab you need to create a backup from the mac (the option should be among those concerning chat and media), then on ios delete the account you created and import the backup, this way you should have the account on the mac and on ios synchronised (Difficulties when using multiple devices - #3 by darhma)

I did it, and now it seems to be working.
Thank you.