It is possible to send temporary messages in the


There are online services like: temp-mail, guerrilla-mail or nada-mail that allow you to temporarily send and receive email messages.

It would be possible something like tempmail in It is possible to send temporary messages in the

If those providers support IMAP and SMTP, then yes, you can use them for temporary accounts.
Also you can build your own temporary email provider with GitHub - deltachat/mailadm: mail account administration tool for temporary and other account creation/modification.

For temporary messages we have an feature called “Disappearing messages” though that only works when all participants of a given chat use DeltaChat.

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Hi Simon and kehiy62051.

The current problem with email is that it can be hacked. If someone discovers your password, they will have access to all messages.

So… a way to solve this would be to have a temporary email that gets deleted after a while, which prevents hackers - even if someone has access to the account, they won’t be able to access the messages, because the message and the email -mail are deleted… for some time.

DilecPadovani/temporary_mail: there is this library in rust that reads and generates temporary emails with the api ( is written in rust, so it must have some compatibility from to tempmail-api-rust)

“with this library you can temporarily send and receive e-mails”… - what you would need for that would be to call some method in http for this… to read and write some message.

I wonder if there would be a possibility to save the message can be saved locally on android… by this temporary e-mail, I think as a backup copy… since after 1 minute, 5 minutes or 24 hours the email will be deleted.

All deltachat messages are saved locally, deltachat works very well in offline or flaky network scenarios.

There is a setting that deletes emails on the server after a specified time: “Auto delete messages from server”

Also if you have a mailserver supporting it you can make a special qr code that you can scan with deltachat to quickly login into a temporary account.

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Hi Simon.

wdyt (what do you think)? so… DilecPadovani/temporary_mail supports http calls that do this?

the used 1secmail provider does not support imap and smtp, so it is not possible.

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Hi Simon.

I thought about using the API to send or receive messages with guerrillamail - wdyt (what do you think)?

  • providers.json: “List of all trash mail providers | 80k Entries | Last update: 29.06.2020”
  • guerrillamail-api: “JavaScript wrapper for Guerrilla Mail API”
  • mailslurp/mailslurp-client-rust: “Rust Email API Client for MailSlurp”
  • Fghurayri/disposable-guerrillamail: “A simple wrapper on top of Guerrillamail REST API using TypeScript”
  • ottlngr/guerrillamail: “Guerrilla Mail gives you a disposable email address. There is no need to register, simply visit Guerrilla Mail and a random address will be given. You can also choose your own address.”

you need a provider with imap and smtp support, anything else will not work.

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