Join broadcast list via QR-code - and app download by QR-code 'touch'

Good DC-team, developers, user,

my person just thought “why not letting people join a broadcast list via QR code” (which is better run by separate email), and then found out that there is no QR-code share.

Any special reason that such isn’t possible aside of the fact that replays go toward the email user direct?

Further: My person wonders whether the touch of QR-code, to join a chat (or broadcastlist) would suggest the app-download (if not on device yet). Certain a way to get the app more run out as well, right?

As always just feed-forwards and no demands at all, appreciating all the given possibilities by steady making use of it.

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This is not possible without trusting some server.
We have have started an experiments with, which stores the data in the anchor part, so that the server does not see it*.

*still you have to trust our server to not be hacked and serve malicious JS, that captures the anchor part and sends it somewhere, proton mail also has the same theoretical problem/attack-vector.

Sure my person is somehow ignorant to all possibilities of harm, as they never would end, focusing more on giving ways, access, yet appreciation that still going for it, good master Simon.

why? I think it is possible to generate some QR the same way than for normal groups, without any external server involved to just trigger the “add me to group/broadcast” action on the broadcast list owner side, the issue is that in the way broadcast list work they are not meant to be used like that, what the user wants fits more in a new “channel” type where the receiving side is aware of their membership and can then request to leave the “broadcast” (channel in this case) otherwise it is confusing that you scan an invitation QR to a “broadcast list” and nothing happens in your device, you can’t leave it, and you receive the media in the 1:1 chat

I think the idea is that the qrcode leads you to the appstore if DC is not installed and joins the group if it is installed.

That’s the general part, of the topic, also touched here, good master Simon, yes.