Language confusion

Good team,

a devoted installed the app, and if selecting Khmer, another language gets used (maybe indonesian).

What platform? android? what version?

Android, good master Simon. Devoted who are gifted to make use are often old, no skills in use, are not able to fix things. My person wouldn’t be able as well, and they simply would die off.
Some still install from platforms, this was taken from google today. One not skilled, once chanced language, would be incapable to use anything further.
It’s becoming more and more a ‘freak’ thing, lesser a support for modest simple user. Atma guesses a value and interest evaluation is very needed, abounding either this or the other group.

(Maybe some might not like it, but my person had the feeling of things ruunning astray and into chaos, since eaager focus on webx apps. It’s just a well meant hint. Your’s would say 6th, yet 7th ‘sense’)

I opened an issue Khmer language confusion in 1.40.0 · Issue #2645 · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub so we don’t forget to test this. This is how Khmer language selection looks like for me on 1.40.1 that I built myself, roughly the latest version of Delta Chat for Android:

@SamanaJohann Could you confirm that this is how it is supposed to look like? We can then try to select Khmer on other devices and compare.

Does it work properly on your device? Could it be that actually the wrong language was selected in the system settings?

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That’s Khmer, yes, good master link2xt. My person uses older Version, and usually from akp-pure. My person had not much confidence to update after 1.38.2, usually shares also only tested further.

An older lay follower desired to make use of getting teachings via the given possibility, installing from google store (no idea which version) yesterday, when switching to khmer another south-east-a language would be taken, making it nearly impossible to even search for setting and to change to other script. As my person dwells far off in the forest, people mostly come only short, less till no change to investigate the issue deeper from the side of mine, good master Link2xt

As just seeing, strabge that there are chinese signs. As in earlier times said an suggested, no confidence at all to outsource things to public and commercial localization…
My person and devoted cared earlier have no proper ways to look after crowd stuff.

And maybe clear once again in addition: it was not just a single string, but simply another script/language at all. So maybe fetching somewhere the wrong file.

The linked lang file seems fine, aside of the fact that the editor can not comprehend the script (display right).

When posting screenshot above, I have selected the language in Android system, not inside the application. Delta Chat also allows to set the language inside the application, in the “Appearance” section, and as I have tested now, it is indeed problematic, the language selected does not look like Khmer and selecting the last language crashes Delta Chat.

‘Glad’ that my persons urging could be maybe of much help, good master Link2xt.

I confirm the bug, made a proposed fix at

For now as a workaround I suggest setting the language inside Delta Chat to “default” and setting the whole system language to Khmer until the application is fixed.

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Thought that letting know that still a ‘heavy issue’ making it not useable for Khmer. Today installed version 1.40 (apk download) for a Venerable. One not familar wouldn’t be unable to even switch to another language, gotten an unknown script.