LaTex Code in DeltaChat

Sorry, I don’t speak English.

I think it would be interesting to add LaTex’s equation notation.

For example: If I dug $ \ frac {1} {2} $ should appear in the message a fraction of ½.

Most of all in academia this would be of great use.


This could be implemented/added in the message text parsing (where also markdown will be), but I’m not sure about the details especially the rendering in the frontend.
For the electron desktop client we could use or but I’m not sure about the others.
Anyways I can say for certain that it won’t come before we have markdown on all platforms.

Related markdown topic:

TeX blocks could be possible, but then it needs to be clear that only a certain subset of TeX can be used (the math part, not the typesetting headers and footnotes).
Inline TeX would be very hard because it could easily grow bigger than the current line height and it could grow over the message bubble borders, so text-flow and text-bounds need to be considered here.

For sending they could be represented as inline (base64encoded svg) images in the html part, but displaying them in DC itself will may be hard because of the possible text flow issues.

I don’t think that LaTeX should be inside deltachat. LaTeX without packages is not really helpful. If you add packages, you add possible vulnerabilities if you just render the code.The math part (and only that one, and that’s mainly the syntax) for formulas, maybe.

Since there are plans to add support for simple inline HTML mail, it can be extended to support MathML later, but first at least bold/italic styles need to be supported.