Linux Desktop - Segmentation Fault on new release

Linux Mint 20 64-bit. Running DeltaChat AppImage.

Been running DeltaChat V1.14.1 AppImage for a while now, everything fine. Updated to latest version downloaded from this site (AppImage 1.28.2) and getting a crash on startup, and disappears. Terminal shows segmentation fault. AFAIK this indicates illegal memory access by DeltaChat client. Anyone know what’s going on? I’d hate to drop DeltaChat, but I don’t have resources to upgrade my OS right now just for a chat app. Mint is recent enough, shouldn’t have to go bleeding edge to run DC.

can you post the log file, if you don’t want to censor/redact it you can send it via DM on this forum or via email at

How to DM here? Can’t see the option.

click on my name and then on “message” in the popup

It shouldn’t be too old. We are building the deltachat-node binaries on ubuntu18.04, mint 20 is built on top of ubuntu20.04, so in theory that should be fine. We just released a new test version, can you try out Index of /desktop/v1.29.0/ ? And always better to make a backup of your .config/DeltaChat folder before :slight_smile:

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it looks like its the same as Delta 1.28.2 Desktop Nach Update keine Funktion - #15 by Secretuser

set "lastAccount" in config.json in the data directory to “1” or delete that line, that should quick fix it.
I made a pr to fix this in the upcoming test version: fix account migration crash by Simon-Laux · Pull Request #2738 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub