Loading message failed (os error 2)

Hello :wave:,
while scrolling through a chat history, I noticed that a message is missing.
Instead, an error message or an empty speech bubble can be seen there.
The message consisted of only one picture.
It is missing in both DC-iOS 1.36.4 and DC-Desktop 1.36.4.
I’ve searched all other chat histories but haven’t found any additional error messages.

Error message in DC-Desktop chat history:

Error message in the DC-Desktop media library:

Empty speech bubble in DC-iOS:

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I made a PR to improve error reporting: feat: add more context to message loading errors by link2xt · Pull Request #4404 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

Most likely the blob (image, video etc.) is missing.

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Thanks. Then I must have accidentally deleted the picture at some point. :thinking:

Maybe it was not saved due to some bug, being out of disk space, or lost during a backup import/export.