Localisation a interlingua IALA

Salute a omnes, An alicuno es interessate a localisar Delta Chat in interlingua?

we are doing translations over transifex - if you are interested, iā€™d happily add ā€œInterlingua (ia)ā€, add your transifex-handle and you can start to translate.

(sorry for english reply - i do not speak interlingua :slight_smile: )

Multe gratias pro le information, io es un localisator a interlingua desde le 2011. Le gestor del localisation in interlingua de 27 projectos Mozilla e de Linux Mint. Io sole usar interlingua pro chattar facilemente con altere personas qui lo comprende, dum illes responde in lor linguas. Gratias ancora.

for the record: interlingua was just requested on transifex and i approved

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