Looking for a RSS feed bot

Looking for a bot which subscribes to RSS feeds and pushes messages to delta.
Is there already a solution out there?

I use deltabot@echedeylr.tk for rss feeds.


Hmm. This one does not seem to support RSS subscriptions:

> /sub https://delta.chat/feed.xml
< unknown command '/sub'

/help says:

➡️ Commands

🧩 Enabled Plugins

Are you sure you used the bot deltabot@echedeylr.tk and not dcbot@echedeylr.tk?

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you are using the wrong bot, it is deltabot@echedeylr.tk, btw the bot allows even filtering the feed, so imagine you want to subscribe to https://delta.chat/feed.xml but want only to receive the posts mentioning “iOS”:

/sub https://delta.chat/feed.xml iOS

Thanks darhma and adb! deltabot@echedeylr.tk works like a charm