Lost draft, dawg!

deltachat just lost my draft.

is there any way to recover it?

i would bet not. at least today.

but this could and should be preventable if it would offer a few features (please be kind with my choice of words. i actually do ponder a lot about them):

  • advanced option: check for “fuck encryption”. because not everyone needs it (althgough it was probably not the reason it lost my draft, it could have been)
  • “also, fuck privacy and just log everything”. this could have already helped to prevent such a loss, if the log includes undo’s and delete itself after a certain size (say 5mb, althgough i would opt for 20mb).
  • save drafts in the server, in another dedicated folder for chat. do it every few minutes, when any draft is being written.
  • create a delta chat keyboard for android which can use delta chat for preventing more data loss anywhere! :star_struck:
  • pick a better name. instead of “delta chat”, just come up with something uniquely new and keep the old as “formerly delta chat” and for links.
  • don’t neglect your loved ones for developing all this. :kissing_heart:

just a few random ideas i would love to discuss in a chat (specially over voice), rather than in a forum… but not matrix, please. make it either within delta chat or telegram! :grin:


On which platform & version did it happen? Normally the draft is written to the database quite frequently and shouldn’t get lost.

pixel 3 android 11
deltachat-log-20210123-101630.txt (40.1 KB)

it was the first time it happened… no idea why, didn’t bother to try and understand the log. just felt like reporting precisely because i absolutely love delta chat despite of this.

actually this is a know bug, I already reported it several times in the testing group, not clear how to reproduce it yet, but I think it is somehow related to event of incoming messages or maybe forwarding/sharing? I have lost several draft in delta chat and do not trust draft currently, I think @Hocuri also experienced it

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probably will never happen in official DC, meanwhile, I automated apk generation for DeltaLab in the deltalab repo so it is finally available up to date outside Cuba, and will also add a “DC lite” flavor that is just the same as the traditional DC app but with the option for the ones that really need to “fuck off encryption”

you could also fork my repo and customize the apk to your particular needs, and get your apk generated easily automatically

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deltalab for the rescue once again! :grin:

Yes, I already made a PR in the android repo.

Until you get the fix, after you hit “share” in another app and then selected DC, be prepared that the text might vanish.

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