Lost focus? Or a new, another?

Good team of DC, developers, user,

as already mentioned, my person thinks that because of having lost focus on a solid email-chat possibility, toward a geeky play-ground for web-xy developers instead, that simply poor chaos because of versions, verification, permissions… has already heavy impart, letting non-geeks fall out as certain meeting troubles and confusion.

My person thinks that the basic algorithms are not at all at a clear stage where anything could be further developed on. It will be simply chaotic batch-work running out of resources for keeping it working, as far as seen from far. Yet, sure, my person isn’t much into IT.

Not even simply basic stuff like CC, bcc, subject, join dc, … are working in an open and inviting manner yet.

(yes, my person started to avoid updating after 1.38.2, before full open up to web-xy took place, just out of “having a feeling that…”)

No demands at all, like always, but maybe a useful remark for possible wished re-organization of focus back from geeks to “humans” not having lost connection of being aware to substain still on soil, fluid, heat and movement, still a foot on “earth”.

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Good Samana,

Delta Chat intends to be usable as a basic e-mail client but for example, “adding CC” and many other features of traditional e-mail clients are not easy to implement in the “chat” usability paradigm.
Rest assured, setting “subject” and “easy onboarding” are high on the list of what is being discussed and worked on – not all of which is visible other than to people following the github development repositories.

As to webxdc, it is a unique feature that many people appreciate. It has indeed caused some unforseen work but so have many many other things not related to Webxdc.

It may not be so easy to see but the introduction of webxdc has not much complicated the core work on chat e-mail messaging functionality. Overall, what gets worked on depends on a lot of factors but the core (non-webxdc) functionality of Delta Chat surely will evolve and has heavily evolved with 1.40 already. Many bugs have been fixed and the upcoming 1.42 will contain many more solved issues and generally improved usability, independently from webxdc which is not required to be used.

One last note: this support forum here is a “web platform” and thus follows the same centralizing logic that brought Google and Facebook into their current place. Webxdc avoids this platform dynamic by allowing chat participants to own the app and the app-produced data instead of entrusting it to a central platform. It is thus a natural extension of Delta Chat’s aim to avoid tracking and remotely controlled accounts. Please bear with us while we also develop this promising way of not just relaying messages between people but also between apps.


webxdc is more talked about because it is more exciting than stability improvements. If you look in the changelog most things are actually related to the general app, webxdc is a very small part of recent core changelog entries.

So assumed right, right?

My person does not bear yours, good master, but receives well thought generosity. It wouldn’t be proper if not value it behind just consume, and it usual that given on good place, things gain purification, are headed to be purified.

Solid base first, even if planting flowers and get absorbed in details are magnetic joys. The main building will be not finished, lacking quality and after resources fade, simply abound…

One needs to be always aware of the goodness received by others of which one is able to build on. Otherwise one will be easy lead to “corrupt ways”…

Delta-chat is still out of any reach for common people especially if not used to mail (90%)