Mailadm Tool for every day use?

Hi all,
Imagine this scenario:
Internet is donwn and it is not known when it returns up (and IF it comes up) … you choose the reason.

A group of crazy people has decided that they cannot live without their deltachat at least in their city and therefore they have set up a private Wi-Fi-mesh type network and offer the free service to citizens.
Since these crazy friends are also lazy, they don’t like the idea of managing email accounts and passwords by hand, therefore they have decided to automate the creation of email accounts.

Now seriously … Mailadm Tool can do this?
From what I see in the documentation it speaks of provisional accounts of 1 day.
Can Mailadm Tool create accounts that never expire?

Or better to use another automatic service but opensource? Which one?

Greetings and my compliments for this great job with deltachat!

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You can set --expiry=never when creating a token, so the accounts created with it will never expire.

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TNX :slight_smile: