Mails from self (on other apps)

Is there a way to make emails from my other client (notmuch on emacs) show up in Delta? Vice versa is true, notmuch sees my Delta Chat messages in the threads, although they can’t read each others encryption yet (I need to figure out the GPG legacy thing in Delta Chat and figure out the autocrypt thing in notmuch).

i think “Settings / Chats and Media / Show Classic E-Mails / All” should fit in this case.

I do have that on. :heart:

This is probably some sort of Fcc issue in the other MUA.

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With Emacs notmuch-message-mode you need to Bcc to self to get it onto the IMAP server. Then it’ll show up in Delta Chat from you.

(And by “you” I mean me. I figured out my own problem.)