Make writing zone fullscreen

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone !

I’m used to write long emails and the interface is not helpful when showing only 2 to 3 lines of text (in smartphone)

This feature was implemented in other apps and it is really helpful just by clicking on an icon beside the “input text zone” which will expand the “text zone” to take full screen and can show more than a dozen lines

Here is a PoC :

Small text zone

Fullscreen text zone

Thanks !


Similar proposal:

note: if you turn to “landscape”, the input field is shown full screen. might be a reasonable workaround for now.

@link2xt : Thanks for the link.

Actually, I have searched for keywords like writing, text zone and other keywords but it seems that I did a poor job, sorry for the double proposal, but it’s really different as to dynamically resize the text zone (which is an interesting proposal too) and making it fullscreen (minus the keyboard high)…

@r10s : thanks for the suggestion !
Surprisingly, I’ve didn’t think to do that until a few minutes back when I saw your message and actually tried it, I remembered why I never put my phone in landscape to type message :slightly_frowning_face:
Actually my thumbs can’t reach the middle part of the keyboard “g” and “v” and I can hardly type the letters “t” and “y” (I must do a small acrobatic move) and the suggestions too…