Making bot's for dummies

Valued Delta-team, developers, user,

How could my person, someone lacking of language skills and tools in IT-spheres develop or gain a bot (automatical servant), who, to take a sample, could, being a member of a group, post messanges of a group into a forums topic?

fist requirement is the access to an always online computer/server device (phone could work also but is a bit harder) that you can run the bot on.
For developing bots on android devices @adbenitez might have some tips.

Next question would be if the forum(software) has an api to have an easier way to add posts via an program or if tricks are needed that act like an automated web-browser.

For bot programing language choose python as it is probably the easiest and most reliable option we have.

Appreciation for giving into, good master Simon.

A, the server could such,thinking it’s about running a bot steady (although, what if on demand?)? (my person dwells in remote forest with an older small tablet)

My person don’t think it has (SMF 2.0…) Thought on bots being actually more talented to login and post (looking at spam bots), my person thought why not using such for a goid.

My person might be able to figure out certain patterns if having a “Spranze”, model, learning anew a language and skill for developing, depending on whats given in faith wouldn’t be that proper, or should be most limited to necessary for certain case.
Maybe there are cast off samples, similar anywhere.