[Manual] Mute notifications

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From an manual draft, disscussion here: https://support.delta.chat/t/comprehensive-manual-for-dc/

Mute notifications

That option can be also reached via the chat-menu. If you feel to much disturbed by a chat’s messages, instead of thinking to leave a group (since not easy to join again without a member adding you), one has the possibility to mute chats. No notifications would be arising for chosen time.

  • Mote for 1h :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
  • Mute for 2h :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
  • Mute for 1 day :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
  • Mute for 7 days :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
  • Mute forever :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

An icon would appear in the profil-headerand in the chat-list as well. This settings can be changed and unmute made in the chat-menu as well. Nobody would be informed and possible stressed about this “leave” for a while.

Reflections: Never used such, maybe because merely one tending to cause notificatiins, but a great alternative to mood reactions of leave a group or topic behind since moods are not for sure and desired birth not sure to be gainable. Handy option and clearly developed by those under attacks of countless notifications, right good master @r10s ?

Related String-names

  • Mute notifications menu_mute #menu
  • Mute for 1h mute_for_one_hour #action
  • Mute for 2h mute_for_two_hours #action
  • Mute for 1 day mute_for_one_day #action
  • Mute for 7 days mute_for_seven_days #action
  • Mute forever mute_forever #action