Markdown support for DC-Android and DC-iOS

Expected behavior

DC-Android and DC-iOS support markdown.

Actual behavior

DC-Android and DC-iOS do not support markdown.


Text formatting, along with the use of emojis, is a great way to make parts of a message or the message itself stand out. Therefore, many messengers support it. For example WhatsApp, Telegram, Threema and Signal. Unfortunately, the situation in DC is inconsistent. DC-Desktop supports markdown, but unfortunately the other versions do not yet.
I use markdown, among other things, to format the text for self-created link previews.

Example Images

Link preview in DC-Desktop with Markdown:

Same link preview in DC-iOS without Markdown:


There was already certain specification effort on it in another topic, good Raiden, as far as remembering.

Merge topic would be useful, as well as > quote markdown