Merge chats from same non-DeltaChat user

I just got two newsletters from the same email address. They show up as different chats. Is this because they have different subjects or because they were forwarded to another email address of mine first (and hence they created a three-members group chat each)? Is there a way to have all chats from the same user merged by default, even if they have different subjects/feature my other email address as a third member?

This. If Delta Chat recognizes To: field as self address, then messages go into a single 1:1 chat.

I see! Would be a reasonable advanced setting to also have custom self-addresses?


That’s exactly my question as a newbie too. This thread has already helped me a lot to understand what is happening and what I wasn’t expecting.

I even have a couple server-side status messages that go to a forwarding address and end up in my inbox as a perfect combined chat. However, this is apparently because no group is being created due to the destination address and sender address being the same.

And yes, I wish there was an option to not find forwards in new groups all the time. Without it, the only thing I can think of is to organize new mailboxes to receive newsletters and status messages directly and do without the previous convenience of forwarding.

Incidentally, this also leads me to finally sort my forwards. Because some of them have become very old.

Today I find another reason for some kind of function to define groups with non-Delta Chat contacts. And it has nothing to do with sorting my forwards.

If someone writes to me via BCC because one of my addresses is in a hidden mailing list, a new group is started with each new subject.

I understand how using the subject to summarize threads is a clever trick. However, merging sender addresses is what makes Delta Chat unique to me. And if this is not possible for non-Delta Chat senders, the inbox will fill up again like in all other mail clients.

It remains a dream to reply to non-Delta Chat contacts with ease from Delta Chat when the inbox is so cluttered.

I still have one emergency idea. If the requests didn’t end up in the inbox but in a request folder (like archived items in the archive), at least the inbox would be free again for everything nice.