Merge chats possibility

Good team, developers, user,

just confronted with “how to manage to merge common interests and participants of two or more goups” without causing even more confusion by creating new chat…

Expected behavior

Expected posssibility would be that there are ways to merge chats (e.g. making subject and chat one).

Actual behavior

There seems to be no smooth way to do such.

not sure how this would work, interweave messages from both chats? But that will be really confusing unless you used the reply/answer function. But even then for me at least it would be really confusing to have two chat history intertwined with each other. like I asked a question some time ago in the one chat and not the messages of the other chat would show up right beneath my message and look like answers to my message at first glance.

It’s a common function in all kind of forums. Simple merge, making two topics one, good master Simon.

Of course it’s not always smart to merge topic and groups (when there are specific talks, but the are cases where such is most benefical. Like if bringing two groups and their work together.

Old topics, chats get new name/id.

(Something, btw. you here in this forum make seldom use (for example feature request). If doing such things would be much more focused, bringing similar topic together.

The opposite, splitting (clone chats) is of course related to this issue.

Such missing function and/or missing to use, makes forums and chats a mess. But has it’s root in laziness in regard of administration and sorting and giving the work to search algorithms instead.

It also may again be an obstacle toward the common desire here, to cut and hide away sources and credits.

And it would possible require to open up old conversations to new-comer without the need to ever repeat, ever save again and again, same and use of all kinds of resources.

I still don’t understand how this would be simple and useful at the same time. (simple would be just merging which has the confusion problem I outlined above)

A possibility to get things known beyond theory, is by getting involved, good master. If good master would try to start to sort up topics here in the forum, he would get such well known in short time. Simple merge is a very common tool, and usually the new build up of the merged chat is just by new topic/chat id (single message might still carry their original subject, which might be useful for detail investigations later. A small sign * that gives idea of a “merged” message, might be another help, if wishing)

How should the messages be arranged in time?
Let’s assume two groups will be merged into a new group.
In what order should messages be displayed that were written to different users in different groups at the same time?

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Maybe good master tries to merge two similar topics here, to undestand the case, effects, benefits.

Like when merge a topic in a forum, the messages are sorted by time of post, good Raiden.

Sure, it’s often nonsense to merge chit chat, but even such makes sometimes sense.