Message with different "ingredients" - Text-Picture-Text - howto


hi there,

i just tried my first delta chat message (to someones email account).
Bad thing: i couldn’t figure out how to write one single longer message with differing content.
In my case this was: some text - a picture - and afterwards again some text.

Is it somehow possible to enter this in a single message? I couldn’t figure out how.
This way the messaging partner got 3 messages - which may be ok if you use delta chat to - but if the messages arrive as emails - it isn’t optimal at all.

Anyone know a solution?


Unfortunately, you can’t write complex messages for the time being. There is a plan to soon allow at least “images with captions”. As you hint at yourself, DeltaChat is a more like a Chat-messenger (whatsapp, signal, …) in that respect rather then a traditional e-mail client.
That being said, i wonder what the user interface would look like for “complex messages” – do you have an idea how this could work? (currently, every time you hit send, a message gets send — that would need to be delayed if there are more “messages” that should be part of that message …)


well - since i have never tried other messengers - and waited for something like deltachat (preferably with “all features” - including video calls - but better half than nothing) to appear to get others to leave whattsapp (killer argument: Everyone has an email vs all are on wa) i can’t tell how they do it.

But i guess some "wait till the “bubble” is as you want it function - kinda like a forum like this. Where you can add stuff and at the end send. But as i am no programmer i don’t know if this can work.
It only “sucks” for email users i guess. But as email can be composed (html?) like that i thought maybe delta can do it. No question no answer.


actually, the new Android-Dev development will move towards “combined” messages a bit, for example you can then add a caption to an image before you send it. At least the user interface supports it, there is still some work to be done in the “C core” library for this to work.


that sounds great :wink:

Actually i don’t mind it that much - i just wondered if its possible.
Also Delta chat isn’t that “old” - so lack of features is inevitable.