Messages are not delete on the imap server

there is a bug, when i activate “ephemeral messages”, the messages are deleted in Delta Chat Android after the time period, but are not deleted on the imap server.

Does it happen for incoming or outgoing messages?
Which email provider do you use?
What version of Delta Chat do you run?
Do the logs say something about DeleteMsgOnImap jobs?
Delta chat 1.20.2

of job #0, action DeleteMsgOnImap
06-16 22:36:59.308 3653 3713 I DeltaChat: src/ Running delete job for

I dont know for incoming or outgoing
All are in deltachat directory

I created an account on mailo, set timer to 1 minute and sent some messages to self and between mailo and testrun.

It looks like everything is deleted eventually. The only messages that were not deleted are system messages “user … set disappearing timer to …”, this is expected. Read receipts were deleted eventually too.

Deletion does not happen immediately, usually when some other IMAP jobs are done, e.g. when you receive another message. But there should generally be no very old messages (day or more) that should be deleted but were not for some reason.

i set timer to 1 day. i will do the test again.
my phone is not alwys on. i start and shutdown the phone several times a day.
is it a problem for imap deletion?

No, it’s not a problem, the messages should be deleted eventually when phone is on and connection becomes available.

Check several days later that you don’t have extremely old messages, like from 2 days ago or something like this.