Missing image on chat group

I created group, added other member. Then added image for group. We sent some messages. Then I removed the group/chat at my side. When other member sent new message, the group/chat appeared at my side but without the image. Is this a bug or image cannot be restored from new messages?

it is not a bug, if you delete the group you lose the image, the image (thanks God) is not sent in every single message in the group, that would be awful, but you will get it again when someone adds a new member to the group

I agree that it will be stupid to send the image with every message. But if it stored locally with fixed name, it could be found (restored) when a new message is received in this group. I did “Delete chat” (current history in group) and not “Leave group”. The group image file can be deleted when user leaves a group and kept for “Delete chat” (with search/restore on first message in the empty chat).

maybe don’t delete the chat then? what you want looks like a “clear chat messages” feature that could come at some point to official Delta Chat and that it is supported currently by DeltaLab,

the issue with what you propose is: we can’t read the user is mind, in practice most users delete the chat without leaving it, it might be an empty chat etc. the chat might not re-appear anymore and over time user will have a lot of garbage images of deleted chats, also the image could be sensitive data that you don’t want someone to restore if they get your phone, so having the chat without image for some time is the less problematic solution

OK, there is a solution for sensitive data (on image) and “a lot of garbage” - the confirmation dialog (Delete chat / Cancel) may include a checkbox like “Keep current image” which is unchecked by default.

too many options and things to think about and needing to read carefully and be focused while using the app, it is a bit stressing, and user might not even know what to do, should I check it? why does it mean with keep the image? where? it might look obvious to us but not for everyone, and also what about if you accidentally checked it or changed your mind later? then more extra options to view this images and select what to delete/clean??? not to say that then you must keep other chat data like name, all this leak information that could be recovered, so I would say “no thanks”

If group icon is not changed then the checkbox can be hidden or grayed and no need for the user to think “what is this”. And short help messages are not redundant. Now I cannot say what is “Chat audit log” option. Definitely it and other settings need explanation.

there is an explanation if you open it, or do you mean the setting in the settings?

I mean question button (?) on window, tooltip, or Help button. Now I have to enable it and see the result. Sometimes the 2-3 word titles of options are not clear for their purpose.

sure feel free to post them here and your suggestions for making them better and more clear.

I mean than in addition to “Chat audit log” is good to have tool tip or other extra help with 1-2 sentences.