Moving email messages into Delta

I forwarded a message to someone from an email client. I then received a reply, but although this person was a delta chat contact, the email did not appear there in the Delta Chat app. I think that is expected as it was not initiated in delta chat. So I went to my email client and moved the email into the folder ‘DeltaChat’ and marked it as unread. That appeared to work, it then became available in Delta Chat. But I wonder if that will break things for Delta Chat in some way?

I don’t think it will cause any problems on Delta Chat.
Couldn’t see the email because you read it from another client?
Did you set “Check Inbox” to DC?

I cannot remember now. I don’t see an option called “check inbox”. I am using android 10 and gmail, delta chat 1.14.5

settings -> advanced -> imap folder settings

I see a setting called “watch inbox folder” which is set to on. It only has on or off.

Also there is a “watch deltachat folder” which is on.