Multiple images in one message

Expected behavior

Multiple images can be selected to be sent at once.
They are then displayed as a small gallery in the chat history, similar to Telegram or WhatsApp.

Actual behavior

Only one image can be selected and sent at a time.


Users often want to send multiple images. Unfortunately, it is very tedious if you can only send them individually. They also need a lot of space in the chat history. Therefore it would be good if you could send several at once and then show them compactly as a gallery in the chat history.
On the one hand, it would have advantages to pack several images in an attachment, since only one email would have to be sent. In addition, it would of course be more convenient for users.
On the other hand, I’m not sure if there would be any technical problems, since the attachments can vary in size depending on the provider.
Perhaps it would make sense to assume that virtually all providers allow at least 5 megabytes of attachments. During image selection, DC could calculate the total size and then limit the number of images that can be selected.

Addendum: Sorry, I just noticed that it was already suggested to send several pictures at once, but not to show the pictures as a small gallery in the chat history. I think that both features belong together.


it would be awesome, but implementation is not that easy, then you also need to implement individual selection of such images like telegram does to be able to save or share only some of the images in the group, I think a simpler first step would be to allow to send several attachments, documents and also images, but shown as a list of attachments similar to the current single file attachment, then the “collage” for images and videos could come later