Multiple Instances of the same account: AEAP & Testing vs easy updating of credentials with DCLOGIN

We currently allow multiple instances/account with the same email address. This is both useful for testing and for testing an AEAP setup.
We also already had some ideas regarding cloning accounts.
BTW: Not sure if this use case of testing AEAP will still work with improved multi device synchronisation.

Against this stands the idea of using a DCLOGIN qr code to replace the current password and other settings for an address.
Sure we can say it does that when scanned from the account configure credentials screen, but from the other ways of accessing a qr code it will still prompt to create a new dc account.
But people skip and don’t read instructions carefully so they would likely use one of the other ways to scan the code (system camera, qr scan in add account/ welcome screen, qr scan in account). - so that solution is not sufficient.

Some ideas:

  • new format for “update account credentials action”
    • more work for providers to implement it
  • good dialogs asking user whether they want to update first (or all, or which one) existing accounts or if they want to add a new account.
    • would identify the account by address, so those qr codes would be unsuitable for AEAP (migrating to a different account / provider)
  • disallow multiple accounts with the same address again?
    • again will only help with updating password, not email address

just some thoughts on the problem, haven’t thought this through yet.