Need tags for sticker & Shrinking the space each sticker occupies

  1. need tags for sticker

    When we tap on emoji icons, tags appear below allowing us to select different categories of emojis. Could we also have such categorization when choosing stickers? (Treating different sticker folders as distinct categories)
    tags for emoji ๏ผš

    need tags for sticker :heart_eyes:๏ผš

  2. Shrinking the space each sticker occupies.

    By the way, the default size of stickers seems a bit large compared to emojis. It might look more comfortable if they were smaller. :grin:

    As shown in the image, a sticker occupies about a 4x4 space of emoji icons. I think a 3x3, or even a 2x2 space would be sufficient. Of course, this is purely my personal opinion.


you can already make multiple folders in the sticker folder, the folder name will be the category name.

Yes, I created subfolders, but they donโ€™t help me quickly search for stickers on the sticker page. Emojis have a search bar and category buttons that allow you to quickly navigate directly to a specific category by clicking on them as shown in the image below. Stickers currently only have a scrollbar for navigation. Since I have over 800 stickers, quick search functionality would be a great addition.

If it were possible to double-click on the category name to collapse and expand the current category, it would also aid in quick retrieval.


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