New chat background

so here is my suggestion for a new default chat background:
(ref new chat background · Issue #477 · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub)

what do you think?

if we come to a final state I’m happy to create PRs to the repos (including the source .svg) :slightly_smiling_face:


I like it.

Have you designed all of the icons yourself? (except the Delta Chat logo) I mean, there must not be a stranger’s copyright on any of the icons you used.

good point @Hocuri

  • the speech bubble is taken from the delta chat logo, simply placed three dots inside
  • the @ is simply the sign adapted to have the ~same thickness like the delta bubble
  • the mail is inspired from the material design mail icon, but rounded, so it fits to the delta bubble and @

the arrow is the only one I didn’t create myself so yes, I should probably exchange this one… taking it as inspiration for my own one should work, shouldn’t it?

does this work? :slight_smile:

now it’s all my own work… updated my original post


@violoncelloCH cool!!! I love it!!! nice work!!!
I am a simple person, but some friends have complained about the default Delta Chat background, I think they will love this one!! I will set it on my phone to see if it adapts to screen orientation magically like the old one :wink:

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@adbenitez that’s an other problem, indeed… it’s stretched on android, yes… but for that we have deltachat/android#466

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wow, awesome! Changing background in 3…2…1…

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i like it!!! cool. it is a good work!!!

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so @r10s what do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:

nice work :slight_smile:

is the background available as an svg or so?
so that we can adapt the color to match the color of the action bar and/or add some light effect or whatever?

@r10s of course, should I create a PR to the interfaces repo?
I’ve also made some thoughts about changing the color… actually, the icons are in the delta primay color, but transparent to the background to make a small contrast… If you have a concrete idea what to change, I’m happy to do it already, but of course I’ll contribute the .svg…

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I think it would look even better if all the icons were evenly spaced. So the same distance between any two icons. Maybe in a grid like that
and so on.
(PS: Seems like I found a bug in discourse: try adding the _s at the end of the lines where they are missing and you’ll see that it gets formatted as italic. Even when you click on “preformatted text” :o

@Lexi I’m not sure about that. It’s intended to be not regular. (I’ve thought about that too…) But I think it’s nicer too look at it if it’s not completely regular. I think it’s less distracting this way…


Love that background, installed. Thanks for creating it.

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PullRequest with the background is in deltachat/interfaces#17


You’ve done a lovely job designing this background pattern, it’s much quieter than the previous one, but is it possible to not have a background at all?

I come from chat apps that don’t have background images, and so my first thought when I installed DeltaChat was “how do I get rid of this background”

there must to be a background, are you talking about setting a plain colour??

Wow! Nice job! Changing my background right now!


or maybe the classic chessboard