New chat button (+) in windows desktop app

Missing basic functionality

There is no new chat button (+) in the desktop app as there is in the Android app. The new chat function is hidden in the menu at the top right 3-dot menu instead.

(Maybe -“pardon” not to direct contibute here to the issue, good Hefaistos68 - someone feels inspired to mention specials for desktop here at the end of the clarification: Comprehensive manual for Delta Chat [] (guessing welcome))

which desktop apps do show a FAB? (floating action button)?
I agree that having everything in the 3-dot menu is not too intuitive, but I doubt that floating action buttons make sense in desktop user interfaces… but feel free to prove me wrong.

I agree that most windows desktop messaging apps dont have the (+) FAB but its somehow counter intuitive to not have it, since its so convenient on phone apps. And it makes logical sense: list of chats => (+) adds a new chat.

Kinda weird to have radically different UIX on each platform. The split window (left side chats, right side chat contents) is already a big difference but given the additional screen space makes sense (landscape phone could use the same although)

tablets can also benefit from landscape mode, not sure if there is enough space on most phones for a good landscape mode.