New forum categories about mobile platforms?

category “desktop” - but no “android” nor "ios"
there is the category “desktop” in the forum - but not “android” nor “ios”. are the some reasons for that? or is it just an error :slight_smile:

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Do people here want an android or an iOS category? Any ideas how to use it?

I would be for tagging instead of full topics as platform specific feature proposals turned out to be not so specific in the past.

my point was just that i am wondering why there is a category for one platform but not for the others.

i agree that sometimes it is hard to categorize things in advance - and if someone says, “that would be nice for ios as well” and the discussion shifts to that, in theory, someone shoud adapt the tags etc. - so maybe the simplest thing is even to have no platform category at all.

i mean, android and ios topics were discussed here as well in the past, without having a category or a tag for it :slight_smile:

but i have no strong opinion in that, having dedicated categories/tags is also fine. maybe it works and is useful.

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tags would be nicer than categories, yes.

So what about removing the Desktop category? We could apply the “desktop” tag to all posts and move them to “mutual aid” (or any other category, unfortunately they are half mutual aid, half feature requests).

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hm, not sure if adding another dimension of sorting is helpful currently.

tagging, categories etc. always imply a bit that things are sorted to them, which is actually not even true for the “desktop” category. also wondering how this looks like - i have not seen tags in some discourse forum yet - or i’ve overseen them :slight_smile:

but what about adding the subcategories “android”, “desktop”, “ios” for both, “mututal help” and “feature requests”? iiuc, the default view of categories is not changed - and when filing a topic you still have to deal with on criterion only - and you can be unspecific. this is what signalusers did.

another option is to just delete the desktop-category and see how this works out - most posts related to desktop are not even in there and also, no one has missed an android category afaik :wink:

and we can decide if really need subcategories or tags later.

@r10s look at the manjaro forum, they use sub-categories and tags:

Tags are flexible - you don’t need to add them, but you can to improve search-ability.

Having tags or subcategories would enable our users to one thing less in the title of their thread.

Also we’re missing a category for general questions like When ends "early access" in gplay?.
I believe this is related enough to tagging that I can post this here instead of opening a new thread.

I can’t set tags in bulk apparently, so I will just move the existing topics to Mutual Aid or Feature Requests, and delete the category.

okay, so, i think this is done for now.

we can decide on tags later, i do not think it is really needed now, but i would not be against it if you want to try that out :slight_smile:

for “general questions” we have “uncategorized”, or? i think it is fine when a topic is not sorted into a category.

always searching for this “mark as solved” thingie :slight_smile: - where is it?

Yes, uncategorized.

It was missing for this category (and for uncategorized) - I added it :slight_smile:

I believe tags are a great way to find feature requests - so that I can lookup all feature requests for desktop for example.

I just turned on tags, lets try this out, we can remove them later again if it turns out to be a bad decision.

yip, good idea, let’s try it out. i just gave the tags the “box” style so that they look better in the overview

(i wanted to do the same for the categories, however, this “warning red” for a feature proposal is to much then - and i did not figured out how to change the color :slight_smile: )

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